Preparation and shape control of β-Ni(OH)2 nano-particle

Yuan Gao 1 , Huitao Liu 1 , and Mianjun Ma 2
  • 1 College of Environment and Materials Engineering, Yantai University, Yantai, 264005, P.R. China
  • 2 National Key Lab of Surface Engineering, Lanzhou Institute of Physics, Lanzhou, 730000, P. R. China


A simple and convenient method for the preparation of needle-shape nanoparticles of β-Ni(OH)2 has been developed. Results show that a needle-shaped β-Ni(OH)2 can be easily obtained in the presence of ethylenediamine and sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate within a size from 100 to 200 nm. The shape and structure of the product were characterized by XRD, TEM and FT-IR. It is noteworthy that the formation of needle-shape β-Ni(OH)2 benefits from the addition of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate. The optimum preparation conditions and the possible mechanism are also discussed.

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