Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatographic analysis of volatile organic compounds in distillate of fermented Sorbus domestica fruit

Olga Vyviurska 1 , Solomiya Pysarevska 2 , Nikoleta Jánošková 1 ,  and Ivan Špánik 1
  • 1 Slovak University of Technology, Institute of Analytical Chemistry, SK-81237 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • 2 Ivan Franko National University, Department of Analytical Chemistry, UKR-79005 Lviv, Ukraine


The Slovak-Czech spirit distilled from Sorbus domestica was analyzed by GCxGC with headspace solid phase microextraction and liquid-liquid extraction. Two column combinations, nonpolar × medium-polar and polar × medium-polar were tested. The second column setup provided more exploited 2D separation space with better distribution of peaks in chromatogram. Effects of the first column on the elution order of γ-lactones, benzyl esters, and unsaturated aldehydes in the second separation were observed. More than 500 compounds were detected; nearly 100 were confirmed with standards.

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