Bio-Unions to Pursue Science for Health and Well-Being

Bio-Unions to Pursue Science for Health and Well-Being

In February 2003, Dr. Kallner, president of the IUPAC Division on Chemistry and Human Health, participated in a "brainstorming" meeting in Paris at which 131 bodies of the International Council for Science (ICSU) developed a plan to "empower the science community, policy makers, and the public in all countries with the knowledge base to effect their health and well-being." Recognizing that the health sciences require the partnership of a broad range of sciences and technologies to advance human health and well-being, the initiative is a collaborative effort among ICSU Unions and other ICSU bodies.

Under the leadership of Prof. Marvelee Wake of the International Union of Biological Sciences, the participants developed a draft document along three core domains: living environments, connections between water and health, and the impacts of technology. They also identified topics of focus, potential Unions to be involved, desired outcomes, and target audiences.

Broadly, the "Science for Health and Well-Being" initiative aims to accomplish the following:

"The next steps include seeking additional alliances within and beyond ICSU, promoting conjoint events at Union conferences, and compiling information," says Chair Marvalee Wake. "We also recommend that ICSU make this subject a primary focus for funding in 2005."

1 International Union of Biological Science, International Brain Research Organization, International Geographical Union, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, International Union of Nutritional Sciences, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, International Union of Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, International Union of Physiological Sciences, International Union of Psychological Science, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment, and DIVERSITAS

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