PAC is CrossRef Enabled

PAC is CrossRef Enabled

CrossRef is a collaborative, cross-publisher reference-linking service that turns citations into hyperlinks, allowing researchers to navigate online literature at the article level. CrossRef is a wholly independent association of scholarly and professional publishers—large and small, commercial and nonprofit, traditional and nontraditional—that cooperate to provide reference links into and out of their electronic content. As such, CrossRef serves as the citation linking backbone for all scholarly literature online, facilitating and transforming the flow of information.

article imageFor its journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), IUPAC has been depositing DOIs (digital object identifiers) to CrossRef since January 2005. However, since January 2007, PAC has been participating in full by also offering outbound linking using the DOIs received from CrossRef. These are links added to each reference published in each paper published in PAC. This way, papers that have cited a specific PAC paper can more easily link to that specific paper on the PAC website, but also papers published in PAC become more useful resources by offering links to cited references.

As a small publisher with only one journal, IUPAC made the decision to participate in CrossRef recognizing the benefit of increased accessibility and visibility. Given PAC’s limited resources, the practical implementation took some time, but the engagement and will of Bohumir Valter was instrumental to the entire transformation. His service to PAC, provided through Documents Data Services, supplements the existing work performed by the production editor Cheryl Wuzbacher and Cheryl Bush.

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