Chemistry for Water–CHEMRAWN XV Perspectives and Recommendations

Chemistry for Water–CHEMRAWN XV Perspectives and Recommendations

Edited by A.C.E.—Association Chimie et Eau, 2006

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The mounting problems of water management around the world, exacerbated by an ever-growing population and equally increasing vital needs, coupled with a finite natural resource, demand concrete, collective, and strategic actions that chemists are ready to undertake, over and above meetings and debates. Using various examples, the CHEMRAWN XV Conference—International Conference on Chemistry for Water shed new light on the huge, often unsuspected, potential of the chemistry disciplines to help solve numerous water-related problems. Plenary Lectures and Perspectives from that pathbreaking conference, held in Paris, France, 21–23 June 2004, have been compiled in this book.

The possibilities envisioned by CHEMRAWN XV imply an asserted will to share the expected progress of a more proactive, more confident, and more united development model. Precautionary principle and sustainable development can only be truly meaningful if they are applied to actual facts. The CHEMRAWN XV Conference set out these realities together with analyses that underline the need for research strategies with a wider multidisciplinary approach. New technologies are urgently needed that can protect reserves of pure water more effectively, create new resources, optimize the various uses of water, and treat effluents efficiently.

CHEMRAWN XV highlighted the emergence of chemistry as an essential component of sustainable development. This new chemistry implies more science, more technology, more innovation, and more solidarity. It requires the simultaneous combination of basic research, technological research, environmental research and sociological research within strategies centered on major objectives such as water.

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