Provisional Recommendations

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Provisional Recommendations

Terminology of Polymers and Polymerization Processes in Dispersed Systems

A large group of industrially important polymerization processes is carried out in dispersed systems. These processes differ with respect to their physical nature, mechanism of particle formation, particle morphology, size, charge, types of interparticle interactions and many other aspects. Polymer dispersions, and polymers derived from polymerization in disperse media, are used in diverse areas such as paints, adhesives, microelectronics, medicine, cosmetics, biotechnology and others. Frequently, the same names are used for different processes and products or different names are used for the same processes and products. The present list of recommended terms and definitions is necessary for the unambiguous description of processes, products, parameters and characteristic features relevant to polymers in dispersed systems.

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Stanislaw Slomkowski

Polish Academy of Sciences Department:

Centre of Molecular & Macromolecular Studies

Sienkiewicza 112

PL-90363 Lódz, Poland


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