Butlerov’s Congress

Butlerov’s Congress

18–23 September 2011

Kazan, Russia

The International Congress on Organic Chemistry, dedicated to the outstanding Russian chemist Alexander Butlerov (Butlerov’s Congress), will be held 18–23 September 2011 in Kazan, Russia. Alexander Butlerov is one of the founders of the modern theory of the chemical structure of organic compounds. On 19 September 1861 A. Butlerov delivered his report “On Chemical Structure of Substances” at the Congress of German Physicians and Naturalists in Speier (Germany), in which he developed new concepts of the structure of organic compounds. Butlerov’s Congress is devoted to the 150th anniversary of this remarkable event.

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Alexander Butlerov was one of the most gifted graduates of Kazan University and later one of its professors. Professor Butlerov gave his first lectures on the theory of chemical structure at Kazan University. For that reason Butlerov’s Congress will be held in Kazan. Historians call Kazan “a cradle of Russian organic chemistry” because Kazan University, founded in 1804, was where many outstanding Russian scientists whose research now comprises the “gold fund” of the world’s chemical science worked; these scientists include K.K. Klaus, N.N. Zinin, A.M. Butlerov, V.V. Markovnikov, A.M. Zaitsev, F.M. Flavitsky, E.E. Vagner, S.N. Reformatsky, A.E. Arbuzov, and B.A. Arbuzov.

Butlerov’s Congress is planned as a worldwide forum for presentation of major advances in organic chemistry in all fields. We look forward to welcoming some 500 scientists, both distinguished chemists and young scientists, from all regions of the world and hope that many scholars of international repute will present their most recent findings at Butlerov’s Congress.


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