Regularity of optimal transport on compact, locally nearly spherical, manifolds


Given a couple of smooth positive measures of same total mass on a compact connected Riemannian manifold M, we look for a smooth optimal transportation map G, pushing one measure to the other at a least total squared distance cost, directly by using the continuity method to produce a classical solution of the elliptic equation of Monge–Ampère type satisfied by the potential function u, such that G = exp(grad u). This approach boils down to proving an a priori upper bound on the Hessian of u, which was done on the flat torus by the first author. The recent local C2 estimate of Ma–Trudinger–Wang enabled Loeper to treat the standard sphere case by overcoming two difficulties, namely: in collaboration with the first author, he kept the image G(m) of a generic point mM, uniformly away from the cut-locus of m; he checked a fourth-order inequality satisfied by the squared distance cost function, proving its so-called (strict) regularity. In the present paper, we treat along the same lines the case of manifolds with curvature sufficiently close to 1 in C2 norm—specifying and proving a conjecture stated by Trudinger.

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