On the Nemytskii Operator in the Space of Functions of Bounded (p, 2, α)-Variation with Respect to the Weight Function



In this paper, we consider the Nemytskii operator (Hf)(t) = h(t, f(t)), generated by a given function h. It is shown that if H is globally Lipschitzian and maps the space of functions of bounded (p,2,α)-variation (with respect to a weight function α) into the space of functions of bounded (q,2,α)-variation (with respect to α) 1<q<p, then H is of the form (Hf)(t) = A(t)f(t)+B(t). On the other hand, if 1<p<q then H is constant. It generalize several earlier results of this type due to Matkowski-Merentes and Merentes. Also, we will prove that if a uniformly continuous Nemytskii operator maps a space of bounded variation with weight function in the sense of Merentes into another space of the same type, its generator function is an affine function.

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