Simulation modeling of the spread of harmful emissions into the atmosphere on the basis of geographic information system (GIS) of monitoring environmental condition of a megalopolis

Aigul Bissarinova 1 , Aisha Mamyrova 1 , Bella Tussupova 1 , Lyazzat Balgabayeva 1 , and Orken Mamyrbayev 2
  • 1 Information Technologies Department, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev, Almaty, 050000, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Institute of Information and Computing Technologies


In this paper, a methodology of geoinformation approach to mapping of atmospheric pollution of the air basin of Almaty city is developed. The proposed method of presenting data on pollution in form of an algorithm allows building a map of contamination of the surface layer of the atmosphere closest to the actually observed one. Designed object-oriented method of presentation of environmental pollution in the form of dynamic GIS models can be used when modeling the ecological status of any area, megalopolis, i.e. where spatial data, distributed in time, is used.

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