Consumer Response to Information and Second-Generation Genetically Modified Food in India

Alok Anand 1 , Ron C Mittelhammer 2 ,  und Jill J McCluskey 3
  • 1 The Consumer Analytics and Modeling Unit, Citigroup
  • 2 Washington State University
  • 3 Washington State University

This study investigates the Indian market for GM wheat. First, we address the obvious valuation and acceptance questions for Indian consumers. Then we investigate the extent to which the provision of information about GM wheat has any significant effect on consumers' willingness to pay and the degree to which the effect varies based on the information treatment. Finally, we consider whether the type of primary beneficiary of GM wheat production affects valuation. Specifically, we assess the conjecture that consumers' willingness to pay for GM wheat changes according to whether the crop is portrayed as producer-friendly or consumer-friendly.

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