Visual Understanding of Metabolic Pathways Across Organisms Using Layout in Two and a Half Dimensions

  • 1 Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Passau, Germany
  • 2 School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney, Australia
  • 3 Bioinformatics Center, Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research Gatersleben, Germany


We propose a method for visualizing a set of related metabolic pathways across organisms using 2 1/2 dimensional graph visualization. Interdependent, twodimensional layouts of each pathway are stacked on top of each other so that biologists get a full picture of subtle and significant differences among the pathways. The (dis)similarities between pathways are expressed by the Hamming distances of the underlying graphs which are used to compute a stacking order for the pathways. Layouts are determined by a global layout of the union of all pathway graphs using a variant of the proven Sugiyama approach for layered graph drawing. Our variant layout approach allows edges to cross if they appear in different graphs.

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