Assessment of early chorionic circulation by three-dimensional power Doppler

T. Hafner, A. Kurjak, B. Funduk-Kurjak, and I. Bekavac


Three-dimensional power Doppler sonography is a unique instrument that enables assessment of vascular signals within the whole investigated area. Hemodynamical changes included in the process of early placentation are one of the most exciting topics in investigation of early human development. This investigation was designed as an observational cross-sectional study. A group of 25 patients in gestational age five to eleven weeks were recruited for the study. After acquirement of the volume containing three-dimensional power Doppler data of the pregnant uterus, the signals belonging to the chorion were isolated. Vascular 3D measurements were undertaken through 3D color/power histogram and expressed by Vascularization Index (VI) and Vascularization Flow Index (VFI). Volume of the chorion increased exponentially throughout the observation period. The VI and VFI positively correlated with the crown-rump length and chorion volume, and showed gradual increment through the investigation period. This investigation produced results confirming gradual augmentation of the loci and intensity of the intervillous flow in pregnancies between five and eleven gestational weeks.

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