Global, regional and national perinatal and neonatal mortality

V.Y.H. Yu


Globally, the perinatal mortality rate (PMR) is 53/1000 (7.5 million annual perinatal deaths) and the neonatal mortality rate (NMR) is 36/1000 (5.1 million annual neonatal deaths). Of the 141 million annual livebirths, 127 million (90%) are born in developing countries, which, compared to developed countries, have a higher PMR (57/1000 vs 11/1000, 5.2 x) and NMR (39/1000 vs 7/1000, 5.6 x). Five million annual neonatal deaths (98% of the world's total) occur in developing countries. Regional annual livebirths figures are: Asia-Oceania 76 million, Africa 31 million, Central and South America 12 million, Europe 8 million, and North America 4 million. Regional annual neonatal death figures are: Asia- Oceania 3.3 million, Africa 1.3 million, Central and South America 0.3 million, Europe 0.07 million, North America 0.03 million. The Asia-Oceania region has a PMR of 53/1000 and a NMR of 41/1000. It has half of the world's livebirths and two-thirds of the world's neonatal deaths. The PMR and NMR have often been used as an indicator of the standard of a country's social, educational and healthcare systems. Strategies, which address inequalities both within a country and between countries, are necessary if there is going to be further improvement in global perinatal health.

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