On genera of polyhedra

Yuriy Drozd 1  and Petro Kolesnyk 1
  • 1 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


We consider the stable homotopy category S of polyhedra (finite cell complexes). We say that two polyhedra X,Y are in the same genus and write X ∼ Y if X p ≅ Y p for all prime p, where X p denotes the image of Xin the localized category S p. We prove that it is equivalent to the stable isomorphism X∨B 0 ≅Y∨B 0, where B 0 is the wedge of all spheres S n such that π nS(X) is infinite. We also prove that a stable isomorphism X ∨ X ≅ Y ∨ X implies a stable isomorphism X ≅ Y.

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