Symplectic involutions on deformations of K3[2]

Giovanni Mongardi 1
  • 1 Università degli studi Roma Tre


Let X be a hyperkähler manifold deformation equivalent to the Hilbert square of a K3 surface and let φ be an involution preserving the symplectic form. We prove that the fixed locus of φ consists of 28 isolated points and one K3 surface, and moreover that the anti-invariant lattice of the induced involution on H 2(X, ℤ) is isomorphic to E 8(−2). Finally we show that any couple consisting of one such manifold and a symplectic involution on it can be deformed into a couple consisting of the Hilbert square of a K3 surface and the involution induced by a symplectic involution on the K3 surface.

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