On homological classification of pomonoids by regular weak injectivity properties of S-posets

Xia Zhang 1  and Valdis Laan 2
  • 1 Sun Yat-sen University
  • 2 University of Tartu


If S is a partially ordered monoid then a right S-poset is a poset A on which S acts from the right in such a way that the action is compatible both with the order of S and A. By regular weak injectivity properties we mean injectivity properties with respect to all regular monomorphisms (not all monomorphisms) from different types of right ideals of S to S. We give an alternative description of such properties which uses systems of equations. Using these properties we prove several so-called homological classification results which generalize the corresponding results for (unordered) acts over (unordered) monoids proved by Victoria Gould in the 1980’s.

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