Integral formulae for a Riemannian manifold with two orthogonal distributions

Vladimir Rovenski 1
  • 1 University of Haifa


We obtain a series of new integral formulae for a distribution of arbitrary codimension (and its orthogonal complement) given on a closed Riemannian manifold, which start from the formula by Walczak (1990) and generalize ones for foliations by several authors. For foliations on space forms our formulae reduce to the classical type formulae by Brito-Langevin-Rosenberg (1981) and Brito-Naveira (2000). The integral formulae involve the conullity tensor of a distribution, and certain components of the curvature tensor. The formulae also deal with a set of arbitrary functions depending on the scalar invariants of the co-nullity tensor. For a special choice of the functions our formulae involve the Newton transformations of the co-nullity tensor.

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