A numerical scheme based on semi-static hedging strategy


In the present paper, we introduce a numerical scheme for the price of a barrier option when the price of the underlying follows a diffusion process. The numerical scheme is based on an extension of a static hedging formula of barrier options. To get the static hedging formula, the underlying process needs to have a symmetry. We introduce a way to “symmetrize” a given diffusion process. Then the pricing of a barrier option is reduced to that of plain options under the symmetrized process. To show how our symmetrization scheme works, we will present some numerical results of path-independent Euler–Maruyama approximation applied to our scheme, comparing them with the path-dependent Euler–Maruyama scheme when the model is of the type Black–Scholes, CEV, Heston, and (λ)-SABR, respectively. The results show the effectiveness of our scheme.

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