Cardiac metastasis of osteosarcoma

Hilal Sahin 1 , Naim Ceylan 1 , Selen Bayraktaroglu 1 ,  and Recep Savas 1
  • 1 Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Ege University, Izmir, 35100, Turkey


Cardiac osteosarcoma metastasis is extremely rare and is documented in several case reports in the literature. The behaviour of osteosarcoma metastases is similar to the primary tumour. Thoracic non-enhanced computed tomography (CT) examination is beneficial in the detection of calcific cardiac metastases. In this case report, we describe a 29-year-old woman with cardiac osteosarcoma metastasis after 7 years of follow-up, compare the demographic features with previous cases and discuss the imaging findings.

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