Natural Boundary Conditions in Geometric Calculus of Variations

Giovanni Moreno 1  and Monika Ewa Stypa 2
  • 1 Mathematical Institute in Opava Silesian University in Opava Na Rybníčku 626/1 746 01 Opava CZECH REPUBLIC
  • 2 Department of Mathematics Salerno University Via Ponte Don Melillo 84084 Salerno ITALY


In this paper we obtain natural boundary conditions for a large class of variational problems with free boundary values. In comparison with the already existing examples, our framework displays complete freedom concerning the topology of Y - the manifold of dependent and independent variables underlying a given problem - as well as the order of its Lagrangian. Our result follows from the natural behavior, under boundary-friendly transformations, of an operator, similar to the Euler map, constructed in the context of relative horizontal forms on jet bundles (or Grassmann fibrations) over Y . Explicit examples of natural boundary conditions are obtained when Y is an (n + 1)-dimensional domain in ℝn+1, and the Lagrangian is first-order (in particular, the hypersurface area).

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