Phane nomenclature. Part II. Modification of the degree of hydrogenation and substitution derivatives of phane parent hydrides (IUPAC Recommendations 2002)

H. A. Favre 1 , D. Hellwinkel 2 , W. H. Powell 3 , H. A. Smith Jr. 4 , and S. S.-C. Tsay 5
  • 1 2031, rue Leclaire, Montréal, Québec, H1V 3A1, Canada
  • 2 Institute of Organic Chemistry Universität Heidelburg im Neuenheimer Feld, 270 D-69120, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 3 1436 Havencrest Ct., Columbus, OH 43220-3841, USA
  • 4 3608 Linnet Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23703-2261, USA
  • 5 Well-Being Biochemical Corporation, FL, 4-3, No. 36, Sec. 3, Min-Sheng E. Rd., Taipei, 104 Taiwan

Cyclophane and linear phane systems are considered as parent hydrides. Their derivatives are named in conformity with the principles, rules, and conventions prescribed for naming organic compounds. The following nomenclatural features are described: indicated and added hydrogen, order of seniority for numbering, substituents expressed as suffixes, substituents cited as prefixes, phane parent hydrides modified by addition or subtraction of hydrogen atoms, and polyfunctional derivatives.

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