Sequential anion-exchange separation of trace U, Th, Pb and lanthanides in environmental samples

Y. Miyamoto 1 , K. Yasuda 2 , M. Magara 3 , T. Kimura 4 , and S. Usuda 5
  • 1  Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate, Ibaraki 319-1194, Japan
  • 2  Japan
  • 3  Japan
  • 4  Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Department of Materials Science, Ibaraki, Japan
  • 5  Japan


The sequential separation technique of U, Th, Pb, and the lanthanides with a single anion-exchange column was applied to analysis of the geochemical reference sample, JB-1. The separation technique was previously developed by the authors and reported. The sample was digested and dissolved in nitric acid. Five solutions of different volume containing 0.1–1 mg of the JB-1 were loaded on the separate columns, and the elements of interest in the solution were sequentially separated. The concentrations of the elements were measured with an ICP-MS. The elements were successfully separated and alkaline metals and alkaline earth metals were effectively eliminated from the elements. The elemental concentrations were concordant with the literature values within the deviation except for that of Th. The elemental concentrations were accurately determined in ≥500 μg of the JB-1 without subtraction of processing blanks.

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