Generation of all magic squares of order 5 and interesting patterns finding

Ziqi Lin 1 , Sijie Liu 1 , Kai-Tai Fang 1 ,  and Yuhui Deng 1
  • 1 Division of Science and Technology, BNU-HKBU United International College, Zhuhai, China


This paper presents an enumeration algorithm to generate all magic squares of order 5 based on the ideas of basic form (Schroeppel [7]) and generating vector which is extension of Frénicle Quads (Ollerenshaw and Bondi [6]). The results lead us to extend Frénicle-Amela patterns from the case of order 4 to the case of order 5, which we refer to Frénicle-Amela-Like patterns. We show that these interesting Frénicle-Amela-Like patterns appear simultaneously. The number of these patterns is also calculated.

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