Liberatus' Polemik gegen die Verurteilung der drei Kapitel und seine alexandrinische Quelle. Einige Beobachtungen zu Breviarium 19-24


The analysis of Breviarium 19-24 shows that Liberatus inserts additional informations in the material stemming from the Alexandrina source he uses. Thus he offers an excursus about John II of Rome in chapter 19 and another excursus about the Roman bishops Agapet, Silverius and Vigilius in chapters 21f. For the excursus in chapter 19 the theopaschite sentences condemned by John II of Rome seem to contain real traces of the controversy between Severus and Makedonios (pace Schwartz). The excursus in chapters 21f. is clearly dominated by a North-African, polemical point of view. This becomes clear by various comparisons with the Liber Pontificalis, Facundus or Victor of Tunnuna. Especially the influence of Theodora seems to be exaggerated by Liberatus. The final chapters 23f. can be compared especially with Procopius. Liberatus pursues his critical perspective against the bishops of Rome and he leads the controversy about Paul of Tabennisi back to Theodoros Askidas (so Justinian seems to be not responsible for this).

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