On the etymology of Grannus

Jürgen Zeidler 1
  • 1 FB III Ägyptologie, Universität Trier, D-54286 Trier

The name of the Gallo-Roman healing god (Apollo) Grannus has always been subject to some controversy. Three proposals concerning its etymology have been put forward: It has been associated with a word ‘beard, eyebrow’ derived from the Indo-European root *gher-/ghrē- ‘project, stand out’, meaning ‘(god) with (long, bushy) hair, beard or eyebrows’. It has been linked to IE *gwher- ‘warm, hot’ and alternatively explained as ‘sun (god)’, ‘(god of) thermal wells’ and the like. This is of further interest as it would be one of the few instances of initial *gwh- known at present in Continental Celtic. Recently, a connection with IE *ĝher- ‘shine, gleam’ has been suggested. I shall examine these proposals and contribute some arguments hitherto not taken into consideration, particularly from the field of Celtic archaeology.

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