Crystal structure of l-prolyl-l-phenylalanine-o-methoxy hydrobromide*

M. N. Sabesan and K. Venkatesan


l-Prolyl-l-phenylalanine-o-methoxy hydrobromide crystallizes in space group P21 with unit-cell dimensions a = 13.55 Å, b = 6.92 Å, c = 9.41 Å and β = 103.5°. The structure was determined by the heavy-atom method and refined by the full-matrix least-squares method to a final R value of 0.112. There is evidence in the three-dimensional difference map that one atom, C(3) of the pyrrolidine ring is disordered, being located on either side of the plane of the other four ring atoms. The molecules in the structure are stabilized by a system of hydrogen bonds.

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