The crystal structure of the mono-potassium salt of l-aspartic acid dihydrate

T. G. Evans and R. Hine


The salt crystallizes in the space group P21212 with four molecules of NH2, · CH · COOH · CH2 · COO · K · 2H2O in a unit cell of dimensions a = 24.56 Å, b = 6.93 Å and c = 4.99 Å. The structure has been solved by the heavy-atom method and refined by Fourier and least-squares methods. The structure is held together by a system of ionic and hydrogen bonds. Each potassium ion is coordinated by seven oxygen atoms, at distances between 2.68 Å and 3.19 Å and forming an irregular truncated octahedron. Each water molecule is at the centre of a roughly tetrahedral or trigonal arrangement of hydrogen bonds and electrostatic contacts.

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