Bis[3,4,5,6-tetrabrom-1,2-benzoldiolato(2−)](pyrrolidiniomethyl)silicat-Acetonitril-Solvat [(C6Br4O2)2SiCH2(H)NC4H8 · CH3CN]: Synthese sowie Kristall- und Molekülstruktur eines zwitterionischen λ5-Spirosilicats

Reinhold Tacke, Jörg Sperlich, Carsten Strohmann, Brigitta Frank,  and Günter Mattern


Single crystal X-ray studies on bis[3,4,5,6-tetrabromo-1,2-benzenediolato(2−)](pyrrolidiniomethyl)silicate acetonitrile solvate [(C6Br4O2)2SiCH2(H)NC4H8 · CH3CN; monoclinic, P21/c, a = 808.5(4), b = 1533.0(8), c = 2212.6(1) pm, β = 97.67(2)°, Z = 4] revealed a zwitterionic structure with a pentacoordinate, formally negatively charged silicon atom and a positively charged ammonium moiety. The silicon atom is surrounded by four oxygen atoms and one carbon atom in a trigonal-bipyramidal fashion, with the carbon atom in an equatorial position. The structure is displaced by 7.0% from the trigonal bipyramid towards the square pyramid. The zwitterion and the CH3CN molecule form intermolecular N – H⋯N hydrogen bonds.

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