X-ray powder diffraction of Ag2Te at temperatures up to 1123 K

J. Schneider and H. Schulz


X-ray powder diffraction was performed on β-Ag2Te at room temperature, on ion conducting α-Ag2Te at 523 K, 723 K and 923 K respectively and on γ-Ag2Te at 1123 K.

Rietveld profile refinement of β-Ag2Te confirmed the space group P21/c and the positional parameters of the model of Frueh (Z. Kristallogr. 112 (1959) 44–52).

For the α-modification in space group Fm[unk]m, best results were obtained for a model with a statistical distribution of Ag ions: about 60% of the available Ag ions were placed into 32f(xxx) positions around the tetrahedral 8c(¼ ¼ ¼) sites and the remainder on the 48i(xx½) positions. The probability density function (PDF) calculated with these formal structure parameters suggests next neighbour jumps of Ag ions via the 48i sites.

The first structure refinement of γ-Ag2Te showed it to crystalize in space group Im[unk]m and to be iso-structural to α-AgI. Third order anharmonic coefficients of the temperature factor of the Ag ions could be refined from our X-ray powder data. Corresponding PDF maps show Ag-densities bridging next nearest as well as second next nearest neighbours.

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