The crystal structure of the trimethylsilyl derivative of the seven-membered ring silicate anion – [(CH3)3Si]14[Si7O21]

Yu. I. Smolin, Yu. F. Shepelev, A. S. Ershov and D. Hoebbel


The structure of trimethylsilyl cyclohepta silicic acid ester has been determined by direct methods. [(CH3)3Si]14[Si7O21] is monoclinic, B2/b, with a = 26.81(1) Å, b = 22.37(1) Å, c = 16.48(1) Å, γ = 94.96(5)°, V = 9847 Å3, dcalc = 1.048 g/cm, Z = 4. The structure refinement with 1506 independent reflections having Fo2 > 3σ(Fo2) led to R = 0.057 (anisotropic, without hydrogen atoms). The central part of the ester molecule is a single seven-membered ring formed by silicon-oxygen tetrahedra, Every tetrahedron is connected with two neighbouring tetrahedra by common oxygen atoms.

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