Crystal structure of l-leucine nitrate

S. Asath Bahadur, R. K. Rajaram, M. Nethaji and S. Natarajan


l-leucine nitrate, C6H14NO2+ · NO3, M = 194.187, triclinic, P1, a = 5.662(6), b = 8.445(4), c = 10.867(6) Å, α = 75.79(4), β = 95.45(6), γ = 99.82(6)°, V = 495.57 Å3, Dm = 1.307 gm/cc (flotation), Dc = 1.301 gm/cc, Z = 2, μ = 1.06 cm−1, λ (MoKα) = 0.71073 Å, F(000) = 208, T = 293 K.

The structure was solved by direct, Fourier and difference Fourier methods, refined to R = 0.045 and wR = 0.050 for 1934 observed reflections with intensity greater than 3σ(I). Since the structure has a pseudo 21-axis parallel to the a-axis, all the hydrogen atoms were located by geometric consideration and fixed at their calculated positions. The pseudo-symmetry is present even at the final stage of refinement. All available hydrogen atoms are involved in hydrogen bonding.

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