The crystal structure of K2{Cu[TeO4(OH)2]} · H2O

H. Effenberger and E. Tillmanns


K2{Cu[TeO4(OH)2]} · H2O was synthesized under moderate hydrothermal conditions. The structure was solved from single crystal X-ray data; a = 9.589(2), b = 6.235(1), c = 12.014(3) Å, β = 90.44(2)°, space group Cc, wR(F) = 0.038 for 2875 observed reflections with sin([unk]/λ < 0.90 Å−1. CuO4 squares and TeO4(OH)2 octahedra alternatingly share O–O edges to form chains in [110]. This part of the structure is pseudocentrosymmetric and shows in addition an approximate Cccm symmetry. The higher symmetry is violated by hydrogen bonds; refinements in C2/c or Cccm resulted in large anisotropic displacement parameters or split positions for K and Ow atoms. The {Cu[TeO4(OH)2]} chains are connected by potassium atoms and by hydrogen bonds of hydroxil groups (Oh…O = 2.643 and 2.650 Å) and water molecules (Ow…O = 2.782 and 2.955 Å), respectively.

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