Crystal structure of K2ZnSi3O8

W. A. Dollase and C. R. Ross II


The structure of K2ZnSi3O8 has been determined using Rietveld analysis of X-ray powder diffraction data (Rp = 3.99%). With space group Imam and cell dimensions a = 5.285(1), b = 9.058(1), c = 8.535(1) Å, tetrahedrally coordinated Zn and Si atoms are disordered over one crystal-lographic site forming at tecto-(zincio)silicate structure with 8-coordinated K atoms in intervening large cavities. This is the first example of the aristotype of the NH4LiSO4 family of general formula, AT2O4, where A is a large alkali (or pseudo-alkali) atom and T represents tetrahedrally-coordinated atoms including: Al, Be, Co, Li, Mg, P, S, Si, and Zn.

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