Neutron refinements of NaCu2(H3O2)(SO4)2 and RbCu2(H3O2)(SeO4)2: Variation of the hydrogen bond system in the natrochalcite-type series

G. Chevrier, G. Giester and J. Zemann


In the natrochalcite-type compounds NaCu2(H3O2)(SO4)2 and RbCu2(H3O2)(SeO4)2 the lengths of the two different hydrogen bridges vary widely: 2.44 Å and 2.70 Å in the Na-S member, and 2.60 Å and 3.03 Å in the Rb-Se member. Both structures were refined by single-crystal neutron diffraction methods. Least-squares refinements (harmonic vibrations for all atoms) resulted in a splitting of the H atom positions of the short bridges by 0.265(13) Å in the Na-S member, and by 0.472(6) Å in the Rb-Se member. In the two compounds no clear evidence for an ordering of the split position of the H atom was found.

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