The structure of a second crystal polymorph of silver(I) 2,6-dihydroxybenzoate

Thomas C. W. Mak, Graham Smith and Colin H. L. Kennard


The structure of a second crystal polymorph of silver(I) 2,6-dihydroxybenzoate, [Ag2((OH)2 · C6H3COO)2]n has been determined by X-ray diffraction and refined to a residual R = 0.036 for 1332 observed reflections. Crystals are monoclinic, space group P21/n with two dimeric units in a cell of dimensions a = 7.090(1), b = 11.693(2), c = 8.164(1)Å, β = 90.58(1)°. As in the first reported polymorph, the structure contains centrosymmetric bis(carboxylato-O,O′) bridged silver dimers. In the present structure, the dimers are cross-linked via Ag–O (hydroxyl) bonds [2.607(3)Å] to form a sheet polymer, whereas those in the earlier structure are discrete. Chelate-ring dimensions are essentially unchanged [Ag–O, 2.220, 2.236(3) cf. 2.203, 2.240(4)Í; Ag–Ag, 2.926(1) cf. 2.910(1)Å].

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