NixP12-Käfige – Die Kristallstrukturen der Verbindungen SrNi9P5 (x = 18) und BaNi10P6 (x = 14)

Viktor Keimes and Albrecht Mewis


The new ternary phosphides SrNi9P5 and BaNi10P6 were synthesized by heating the elements at 900°–1100°C. Single crystal X-ray methods revealed that SrNi9P5 is isotypic with BaNi9P5 and crystallizes hexagonally [P63/mmc; Z = 2; a = 6.529(1) Å, c = 10.732(1) Å], whereas BaNi10P6 forms a new structure with orthorhombic symmetry [Cmca, Z = 4; a = 6.449(1) Å, b = 16.191(1) Å, c = 8.784(1) Å]. The structures are best described as an arrangement of alkaline-earth metal atoms, which are surrounded by Ni18P12(SrNi9P5) and Ni14P12 cages (BaNi10P6), respectively.

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