Die physikalischen Grundlagen der Uran235 -Anreicherung nach dem Trenndüsenverfahren Die Wirkung des leichten Zusatzgases / Die Wirkung des leichten Zusatzgases

E . W . Becker 1
  • 1 Institut für Kernverfahrenstechnik der Universität und des Kernforschungszentrums Karlsruhe


The Separation nozzle process for enrichment of U235 is based on the mass-dependent centrifugal force generated in a curved flow of a UF6/He or UF6/H2 mixture. It is shown that the experimentally determined separation effects can exceed those calculated for equilibrium separation in a stream flowing with an infinite velocity. A numerical analysis of the ternary diffusion process indicates that the separation of the UF6 isotopes is improved by the fact that the added light gas prevents the UF6 from concentrating rapidly at the boundary of the centrifugal field.

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