Thermodynamische Untersuchungen an Menshutkin-Komplexen II. Schmelzenthalpien und -entropien von Menshutkin-Komplexen / Thermodynamic Investigations of Menshutkin-Complexes. II. Melting Enthalpies and Entropies of Menshutkin Complexes

H.-H. Perkampus 1  and Chr. Sondern 1
  • 1 Institut für Physikalische Chemie der Universität Düsseldorf, Lehrstuhl I, Düsseldorf

The melting enthalpies and entropies of 24 Menshutkin complexes composed of 2SbCl3 and aromatic compounds were measured by calorimetric methods. The relatively large values of these thermodynamic data can be explained under the assumption of a dissociation of the complexes during melting. The association enthalpy can be estimated by separating the melting process into two steps

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