Die Wirkung von Thiopyronin auf Saccharomyces-Stämme verschiedenen Ploidiegrades, auf Nucleinsäuren und Nucleinsäure-Komponenten in Gegenwart und in Abwesenheit von sichtbarem Licht

Ernst-Randolf Lochmann 1 , Werner Stein 1 ,  and Klaus Haefner 1
  • 1 Aus dem Institut für Biophysik der Freien Universität Berlin

The inactivation of homozygous yeast strains of different ploidy by thiopyronine in presence and in absence of visible light and the effeciency of this dye upon nucleic acids and nucleic acid components was investigated. Some experiments of the mutation activity of thiopyronine on Saccharomyces are described. The inactivation of yeast in presence of visible light is not dependent on ploidy; in absence of visible light there is a remarkable increase of inactivation with increasing of ploidy.

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