Chelating Tendencies of some N-(2-Acyl-1,3-Indandione) Tri Alkyl Ammonium Iodides

M. K. Bachlaus 1 , K. L. Menaria 1  and P. Nath 1
  • 1 Dept. of Chemistry, M.B.M. Engineering College, University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur (Rajasthan), India

The L-T.M.A.I. and L-T.E.A.I. have been synthesised and their dissociation constants are 7.943 × 10-10 and 1.413 × 10-10 respectively. The potentiometric studies show that these reagents form 1 : 1 complex with copper (II) and iron (II). The stability constants of copper complex and iron complex with L-T.M.A.I. are 5.75 and 6.05 respectively and for L-T.E.A.I., 5.97 and 6.215 respectively. The free energy of complex formation at 25°C are 7841 cals/mole and 8150 cals/mole for Cu(II) -L-T.M.A.I. and Fe(II) -L-T.M.A.I. respectively, whereas the free energy of the Cu(II) -L-T.E.A.I. and Fe(II) -L-T.E.A.I. are 8141 cals/mole and 8375 cals/mole respectively.

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