Actinomin und 4.6-Didesmethyl-4.6-di-tert.-butyl-actinomin-Modellverbindungen zum Studium der Actinomycin/DNA-Wechselwirkung / Actinomine and 4,6-Didemethyl-di-tert-butyl-actinomine-Model Compounds for Studies of the Actinomycin-DNA Interaction

Frank Seela 1
  • 1 Department of Chemistry, Yale University, New Haven

The synthesis of actinomine, a model compound for the investigation of the actinomycin-DNA interaction is discribed. In place of the pentapeptide lactone rings, actinomin has N,N-diethyl-ethylenediamine groups; it binds to DNA as strongly as actinomycin C1 (D) does. Additional replacement of the 4,6 methyl groups of the chromophore by tert-butyl residues strongly reduces the binding of actinomine to DNA. This result is consistent with intercalation of the actinomine chromophore between the DNA base-pairs, a reaction that is sterically blocked by the tert-butyl groups.

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