Weitere Beobachtungen zur Reaktion von Corrinoiden mit Kohlenmonoxid und Chlorkohlensäureestern / Further Experiments about the Reaction of Some Corrinoids with Carbon Monoxide and with Esters of Chloroformic Acid

Wilhelm Friedrich 1  and Matthäus Moskophidis 1
  • 1 Physiologisch-Chemisches Institut der Universität Hamburg

The results of new experiments indicate that, in alcoholic solution, CO reacts with CoIII- and not with CoII-corrinoids; corrinoids with the lactam ring at ring B (dehydro cobalamin and dehydro cobinamide) react similar like the native substances; the products of the reaction are cobaltalkoxycarbonyl-corrinoids, which can also be synthesized by means of esters of chloroformic acid. In water, diaquo-dehydro-cobinamide can be reduced by CO to the CoII-form; this indicates that in water CoIII-corrinoids, but not CoII-corrinoids, principally react with CO, since dehydro-corrinoids are not self-reducing.

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