Untersuchungen über den Kaliumtransport in E. coli B

I. Einfluß von Ammoniumchlorid und der essentiellen Aminosäuren Histidin und Leucin auf die stationäre Kaliumverteilung in E. coli B 525 / I. Influence of Ammonium Chloride and the Essential Amino Acids Histidine and Leucine upon the Stationary Distribution of Potassium in E. coli B 525

U. Zimmermann 1  and G. Pilwat 1
  • 1 Institut für Physikalische Chemie der Kernforschungsanlage Jülich

An intracellular concentration of potassium in E. coli B 525 stationary for several hours is only attained by addition of the essential amino acids histidine and leucine, or ammonium chloride, to the incubation medium. The level of the stationary intracellular potassium concentration is dependent upon the concentration of these substances.

The two other combinations of the essential amino acids (leucine/methionine and histidine/methionine) and the single amino acids show no stabilization effect upon the internal stationary potassium level.

In the case of the wild type B 163, the instability of the stationary internal potassium concentration, and the corresponding effect of the above mentioned substances, is not so significant. Therefore the instability which is observed in the case of B 525 can be deduced from the mutation.

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