Die verzweigten Fettsäuren von Staphylococcus aureus, eine gaschromatographisch-massenspektrometrische Analyse / The Branched Chain Fatty Acids of Staphylococcus aureus, a Gas Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric Analysis

Heinz Egge 1 , Uwe Murawski 1 , Wirapong Chatranon 1  and Fritz Zilliken 1
  • 1 Physiologisch-chemisches Institut der Universität Bonn

The fatty acid methylesters prepared by transesterification of the total lipid extract of Staphylococcus aureus Wood 46 were analysed by gas chromatography on thin film capillaries coated with polyphenylether (OS 138), siliconerubber (SE 30) and S.C.O.T. columns coated with Diethyleneglycoladipatepolyester (DEGA) in combination with mass spectrometry. Among the branched chain fatty acids ranging from C11- C21 the iso- and anteiso-C15 acids are predominant.

In the group of the C15 and C17 acids branching in position 9 and 10 was also found. No unsaturated branched chain fatty acids could be detected. Retention data and mass spectra of the branched chain fatty acids are presented.

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