Bleidioxidverbundelektroden für die Elektrosynthese, I Abscheidung von β-Bleidioxid auf Titan / Leaddioxide Electrodes for Electrosynthesis, I Deposition of β-Leaddioxide on Titanium

Dietrich W. Wabner 1 , Heinz P. Fritz 1 , Detlef Missol 1 , Rainer Huss 1  and Fritz Hindelang 1
  • 1 Arbeitsgruppe Angewandte Elektrochemie und Anorganisch-Chemisches Laboratorium der Technischen Universität München

Noble metal electrodes do not stand the tests for anodic electro syntheses in technical applications. Mainly due to the high oxygen overvoltage lead dioxide can act as substitute. A novel process for the preparation of lead dioxide coated titanium anodes is described. The important procedure is a treatment of the clean titanium surface with a Ti(IV)-containing solution. By scanning electron microscopy it is established that three dimensional nucleation takes place. Lead dioxide anodes prepared following this process until now have livetimes of better than 3400 hours

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