Polarographic Study of the Streaming Maximum of Nitrobenzene in Mcilvaine Buffer

Sudarshan Lal 1
  • 1 The Thomas Hunt Morgan Institute of Genetics, 628 N. Broadway, Lexington, Ky. 40508, U.S.A.

The polarographic maximum of nitrobenzene (first reduction step) is studied at pH 2.2, 5.3 and 7.8. The nature of the maximum is pH dependent and it changes from positive first kind (at pH = 2.2) to negative maximum of the first kind (at pH 5.3, 7.8). At higher flow-rates, compound maxima occur and clear reversal potentials are located where maximum of first kind is transformed into the second kind and vice versa. The morphology of current-time curves has been examined critically in the light of streaming patterns, electrode circuitry, flow-rates and exponents of t at varying intervals during the drop life

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