Darstellung und Charakterisierung von Sulfinatokomplexen π-C7H7Μο(CO)2SO2R (R=-C6H5, -C6H4CH3) sowie von ein- und zweikernigen Thioarylverbindungen der Zusammensetzung π-C7H7Mo(CO)2SR′ bzw. [π-C7Η7Μο(CO)SR′]2 (R′ =-S-C6H5, -S-C6H4CH3, -S-C6F5, -S-C6H4NO2).

Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfinato Complexes π-C7H7Mo(CO)2SO2R (R = -C6H5, -C6H4CH3) and of Mono and Dinuclear Thioaryl Compounds of Composition π-C7H7Mo(CO)2SR′ resp. [π-C7H7Mo(CO)SR′]2 (R′= -S-C6H5, -S-C6H4CH3, -S-C6F5, -S-C6H4NO2)

Dieter Mohr 1 , Henning Wienand 1  and Manfred L. Ziegler 1
  • 1 Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg

The aryl-sulfinato complexes π-C7H7Mo(CO)2SO2R have been synthesized by reaction of π-C7H7Mo(CO)2J with the Ag-SO2-R compounds. The sulfinate group is S-bonded. Mononuclear and dinuclear thioaryl complexes were isolated by reaction of π-C7H7Mo(CO)2Br with aryl mercaptanes R′-S-H in the presence of (C2H5)3N which functioned as a proton acceptor. IR data indicate the dependence of the π-acceptor abilities of the sulfur atom from R′

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