Organometallphosphin-substituierte Übergangsmetallkomplexe, ΧΧΠ Darstellung und komplexchemisches Verhalten von Dimethylstannandiylbis(di-t ert-butylphoshin).

Organometal-phosphine Substituted Transition Metal Complexes, XXII Synthesis and Coordinating Behaviour of Dimethylstannandiylbis(di-tert-butylphosphine)

Herbert Schumann 1  and Wolf-Walther Du Μοnt 1
  • 1 Institut für Anorganische und Analytische Chemie der Technischen Universität Berlin

Dimethylstannandiylbis(di-tert-butylphosphine) reacts with tetracarbonyl nickel under formation of tricarbonyl-dimethylstannandiylbis(di-tert-butylphosphine)nickel and polymeric dicarbonyl-dimethylstannanediylbis(di-tent-butylphosphine)nickel and with hexacarbonylchromium under UV-irradiation as well as with tetracarbonyl-norbornadienechromium yielding tetracarbonyl-dimethylstannandiylbis(di-tent-butylphosphine)-chromium. IR and NMR spectra of the new compounds are discussed

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