Zur Kenntnis des Bariumthioantimonats(III) Ba8Sb6S17 / On Bariumthioantimonate(III) Ba8Sb6S17

Wolfgang Dörrscheidt 1  and Herbert Schäfer 1
  • 1 Abteilung II für Anorganische Chemie im Eduard-Zintl-Institut der Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt, Hochschulstraße 4, D-6100 Darmstadt


Bariumthioantimonate(III), Crystal Structure Ba8Sb6S17, prepared by fusion of the binary sulfides at 1120 K, crystallizes in the mono-clinic system (space group:P2/c) with a= 1141 ± 1 pm, b = 1373 ± 1 pm, c = 2253 ± 2 pm, β = 90.94 ± 0.05°. In the structure there are isolated distorted SbS33- -trigonal pyramids (ψ-tetrahedra) and hitherto unknown Sb3S87--units consisting of a central SbS4-ψ-trigonal bipyramid connected by the common axial S-atoms with two further SbS33- groups.

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